ACO EditorA Time of Growth

Spring in Southern USA

This is my homestyle, personal and shameless promotion of Atlanta, Georgia as the city to be in for the ACO to move into the future, as seen and lived from inside the trenches of Atlanta’s growth:

There are few people who know this about me:

  • I wrote the letter that was sent to the IOC as the first expression of Atlanta’s interest in the 1996 Olympics. Yes, it was me. I am Foresta Gump. Think about it: someone had to do it. I worked for an architectural firm with visionary leaders who crafted the future of Atlanta in this one letter. (At that time, I was not a believer and I snickered under my breath.)
  • I wrote a letter to the editor of the Atlanta paper when the new High Museum of Art was built, designed by Richard Meier, having the nerve to state that there was a design flaw on the ramp which made it unsafe for children to walk up because there was too much space for them to fall through. Foresta at work again. Now, you’ll find steel piping on the ramp that keeps children from falling through. (I’m a believer in telling the truth)
  • When the Olympics came to town, the cyclists rode past my parents home, my childhood home, on the way to their staging/fixing area in a neighborhood church parking lot, and I was on their front stoop cheering them on. The world came to my parents front door. (I learned that if I stay in one place long enough the world will come to me.)
  • I watched the first 10K Peachtree Road Race on Peachtree Street, just up the street from my parents home (I’ve always been a bystander).
  • I watched West Peachtree St. from several stories up, the day it became a one-way street, a scary event for drivers who forgot which way to drive on it and a defining moment in the redevelopment of Midtown Atlanta.
  • I spent the night at a girlfriend’s house the night before the Rev. Martin Luther King was buried and rode home with Daddy the day of the funeral on an empty Peachtree Street. It was a day of reverence and fear (among the prejudiced whites). Dr. King’s family home is now part of a national park where visitors can take a self-guided tour. This was my first real knowledge of social injustice.
  • I held one of my pre-wedding parties at the restaurant now relocated in the Ravinia Crown Plaza, La Grotta. (This is just co-incidence – you’re gonna love their food.)
  • And last, but not least, I was in the first row at the Atlanta stadium in 1965 when the Beatles played. They were quoted saying it was the best sound system in the United States! (I couldn’t hear anything for my own shouting.) (Imagine – that was my first rock concert at 13.)

Atlanta, Georgia has grown up with me and I with it. I have grown professionally volunteering for the ACO and I’m working with the Board to create the conference of a lifetime as the ACO steps toward the professional tipping point, when our coaches and co-professional ADHD service providers convene here in March, 2012. The world of ADHD is coming to Atlanta. Are you ready to cheer it on? (I’m not a bystander any more.)

Atlanta’s symbolic Phoenix Rising is the story of a city which promotes growth and professional development.

Be there. Be here. Be in Atlanta, the city of growth and rebirth, for the 2012 ACO Conference.

Maureen Nolan
ADHD Coach
Atlanta, Georgia, USA