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Recently we were made aware that many of our members have not applied to get listed on our Find-A-Coach directory because of misinformation or lack of clarity around the qualifications required to get approved.  After some collaborative discussions, the ACO Board has cleaned up the language around the requirements to avoid any further confusion.  You can find the updated detailed requirements and the application under the “Get Listed” tab of our website after you log into your account.

Below are just some possible scenarios:

If you are a recent or past graduate from ADDCA, MENTOR COACH or JST COACHING & TRAINING, you qualify to get listed.  This includes the ADDCA’s Basic program.

If you are an ICF certified coach and can document 30 hours of ADHD Coach training hours, this also qualifies you to get listed.

If you have a PAAC Credential, you qualify to get listed.

Please read the requirements on our website in detail, and reach out to someone on the ACO Board if you need more clarification.

We have already partnered with Totally ADD to connect our ACO Coach Directory to their Coach Directory!  This is like a sweet 2 for 1 special that we hope you will take advantage of this benefit of ACO Membership.

We are also advertising with ADDitude Magazine to increase traffic to our website.  Now is the time to make your profile visible with ACO, which helps potential clients can find you.

The  Find-A-Coach directory on the ACO website is the place to find qualified ADHD coaches.  If you are a coach that serves the ADHD population, submit your application today and GET LISTED!

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Rajal-DhruvaRajal Dhruva
Membership Committee Chair