By Joyce Kubik, President.

ChautauquaVacationIt’s August and a time for many of us to vacation, relax or just chill out. I’ll be doing the same. It’s my time to let business take a back seat and do the thing I like to do best – sitting in the shade of big oak tree in my favorite vacation spot. It’s not a place to write home about that is filled with fancy hotels and a lot of exciting events. It’s a Chautauqua on Lake Erie about 140 years old, and only a square mile in size that is just an hour away from home. I can go there and just sit by the lake, take in a concert in the park, listen to a lecture, or hear fabulous concerts in the evening at the great auditorium. And, there are ice cream stands everywhere, lovely little gift shops and bikes to rent. It’s a place where I can reflect on my life, my future, or anything I choose without interruptions. You can’t help but feel refreshed and inspired when it’s time to leave.

Can you picture that? What I invite you to do is find your inspiring place – that place where you can reflect and just take care of yourself. As entrepreneurs we work harder than most and if you are hyper like me, slowing down is not easy to do. I have to remove myself from my work environment and force myself not to take “just a little bit of work” with me.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and be sure to take time to refresh and renew.

Until next time . . .

Joyce-Kubik-500x500Joyce Kubik
Certified Master Coach
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