Surprised Honoree Accepts Award in His Name

The ACO was Formed from an Idea that Wouldn’t Go Away

The Board of the ACO honored ACO co-founder Glen Hogard with a service award named after him at the 2011 conference, ‘Coaches Called to Courage.’ The award was first suggested by fellow ACO co-founder Ken Zaretzky for service that is ‘Unique, Impactful, Selfless, a Contribution improving the lives of individuals, families or groups impacted by ADD.’

Ian King, ACO co-founder Glen Hogard, Sarah Wright, Robb Garrett

‘Stepping into the way-back machine,’ said Glen, ‘it’s 1997 and ADHD coaching is still a quirky small blip in the larger universe of life coaching. I was laser-focused on creating an ADHD coach-specific organization. I discussed it ad-nauseum with anyone who would listen. The ICF didn’t recognize ADHD coaching and that wasn’t acceptable to me.’

He kept “noodling” the idea, noodling being Madelyn Griffith-Hayney’s word for it, and ‘there were plenty of body-doubles around to keep me focused long enough for the right mix of people to come together for the administrative projects, in all the different areas requiring more linearly efficient people, as that’s not my strength. I couldn’t do it alone. But before the ACO was incorporated in December of 2005, my ideas about it were floating as if in a dust cloud in space, one particle or idea bumping into another clumping together and then breaking apart.’

During this time, Glen read his suggestion for an ACO Vision Statement which was originally worded almost exactly as it is now, six years later:

‘We envision a world where ADHD coaches are known and highly prized for their expertise and a critical component of a multi-modal treatment program respected and eagerly sought after for their valuable contribution to any complete ADHD treatment plan.

What Happened in Tucson Spread Across the World

At the 2005 ADDA Tucson meeting, nine other ADHD coaches joined Tammy Cochrane and Glen, and for the next few months, groups of coaches ‘formed and broke apart as if in a dust cloud in space,’ Glen recalled. ‘The only particle that remained with me throughout the creation of the ACO was the one named Ken Zaretzky, who one day defined ADHD coaches as “First and foremost ADHD coaches are coaches.“‘

Glen continued, ‘Ken and I were like two big lumps in space: we had our own gravity. I think it was our high energy and certainty of purpose that allowed us to attract five more committed coaches to our cause to create an organization for ADHD coaches, eventually forming into a proto-planet that is now known world-wide as the non-profit ADHD Coaches Organization.’ The two co-founders, Glen Hogard and Ken Zaretzky were soon joined by five other coaches, Jan DeLaura, Kerch McConlogue, Sarah Wright, Cathy Jantzen and Laurie DuPar, who together formed the original non-profit ACO incorporation in New Mexico.

In the Beginning, There Was Hyper-Focus: In the End, an Award

ACO co-founder Ken Zaretzky*

Glen was ‘amazed and surprised as I learned bits and pieces of how the award came to be. I wanted to know why Ken wanted it named for me and his thoughts about why he thought it was a good idea.’ Kamal Zaretzky, Ken’s widow said, ‘I would imagine that Ken wanted your name on the award because of the time, energy and self-sacrifice that you put into founding the ACO.

‘People tend to miss the point … we get so caught up in social politics and posturing and self-promoting, that we miss the real point of things and the people that make all our frivolity possible. Ken was usually the one to bring up the point that was missed (sometimes deliberately by folks) … and that often made people uneasy, I think. Of course he did it with his own ego and bravado.’

Summing up the emotional experience of receiving the Glen Hogard Outstanding Service Award without Ken Zaretzky in attendance, Glen said, ‘It’s a tragedy Ken couldn’t be here this evening. But by pushing to create the award and naming it after me, I think Ken was there poking me in the ribs. On the board, I always had Ken’s back and Ken always had mine. I sure miss my bud.’

Glen Hogard, SCAC, ACO Co-Founder, OFI Act8, NCW (No Credentials Whatsoever)
*Photography used with permission of Glen Hogard