Fall Tree_LoResCoach or Organizer?

We’re quickly approaching the changing of seasons. I’ve always liked the fall because it’s refreshing, and while we see the leaves change colors every year it feels like something new is happening. In the business of coaching, we need change, and we need it often. Change opens the doors to new clientele and refreshes our careers.

I was thinking about my early years of coaching and the number of times people called and wanted me to organize their life. Being a new coach, I guaranteed them I was the one to help them. It didn’t take me long to see that it wasn’t organizing they were truly asking for. They needed coaching skills that helped them to maintain organization. I quickly made a change in how I marketed my business. I was coming across as an organizer, not an ADHD coach. Once I did that, and learned how to explain exactly how I could help them, my clientele changed. I was their ADHD coach, not their organizer. Is it time for change in how you market yourself and your business? Are you an organizer or an ADHD coach? How is your elevator speech? What does it say to someone listening to it? Try a little change – it can be very positive!


Joyce Kubik_2015Joyce Kubik, Certified Master Coach
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