March 2007

Dear ACO Members,

It’s March already. There are only two short months until the ACO’s inaugural International Conference for ADHD Coaches will be held in Northbrook, Illinois.
For the first time ADHD coaches will have our own conference. ADHD Coaching topics will not be a minor track at a more general conference on ADHD, nor a minor topic of interest at a larger coaching conference. It will be THE topic for the entire conference, and the talks will all be geared toward practicing experienced coaches. Two whole days of enriching presentations and conversations with friends, colleagues, and some of the best coaches in the business.

The theme of the conference is “ACO Connections 2007: Business, Skills, Community.” Skills are, of course, key. We all strive for continuing improvement and excellence in our coaching. Community is perhaps even more important, because an opportunity to come together with our friends in the ADHD Coaching community is a rare and treasured event. But the business of coaching might be the most important aspect of this conference.

The ICF has published the preliminary results of it’s extensive world-wide coaching survey. Some of these early results tell us that the majority, 58.1 percent of all coaches, coach part time and that the majority maintain on average just 11 active clients.

Which leaves me to wonder why. If we love coaching so much and are so good at it, why do we only coach part time? Some coach part time for personal reasons. Unfortunately, it is also true that some coach part time because they have to hold down a “real” job in order to pay the bills. This is why the business of coaching is part of what we are emphasizing at this conference.

Come learn from some of our most successful coaches not only how to hone your ADHD Coaching skills but how to build the practice of your dreams. Andrea Lee will talk about how the world of ADHD Coaching is at once bigger and deeper than you may think. Ken Zaretzky will talk about how to create demand for your coaching. Laurie Dupar will talk about how to promote yourself effectively not only with clients but also with other professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists, educational specialists, and physicians. Geri Markel will talk about how to conquer distraction to improve your coaching practice and profits. Check the conference program for other confirmed speakers (including
Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo, authors of the iconic You mean I’m not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?!).

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite by telling you just a little about what to expect come May. I encourage you to go sign up and reserve your room at the hotel before it slips your mind again. This is going to be a great conference!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

All my best,

Sarah Wright