Our work has paid off!  The ACO ADHD Awareness Team spent many months putting together a PowerPoint presentation that was then made available to all ACO coaches to use during International ADHD Awareness Week.  Other countries, where we have coaches, also joined us in celebrating ADHD Awareness Week.  We thank all our coaches who joined us in taking the lead and making awareness happen in their communities.  Our hope that the word would spread around the world has happened, and this team is grateful for everyone’s efforts.

Did we miss your event? We’re certain there were more events than listed below, but this is what we collected.  These events will also be published on the ACO website.  Please write the editor of Circle at editor@www.adhdcoaches.org and we’ll list your events in the next issue and on the website.  If you had every intention of putting on an event for ADHD Awareness Week but ran out of time, mark it on your calendar now for late August to get started.  And now, all the wondrous things we did:

From Rudy Rodriquez, North Carolina

  • WLOS TV News ADHD spot:


  • ACO sponsored PowerPoint presentation at Malaprops bookstore.
  • ACO sponsored PowerPoint presentation at Mountain Area Health Education – [audience: health professionals, general public and my ADHD Meetup group]
  • ACO Sponsored PowerPoint presentation at the Mission Hospital – Huff Center, co-presented with Dr. Adrian Sandler, MD, Director Huff Pediatric Center
    [audience – parent and child, general public, health professionals]
  • Big screen showing of popular documentary “ADD & Loving It?!”
    at Carolina Cinemas in Cinema Lounge (seating 60 people)  [audience: general public]
  • Three hour ADHD Workshop: “Time Management for Unmanageable People”

From Joyce Kubik, Ohio

  • ACO sponsored PowerPoint presentation to students at Baldwin Wallace University
  • Public showing of the video “ADD & Loving It?!” at Lorain County Community College
  • ACO sponsored PowerPoint presentation to the community at Baldwin Wallace University
  • Donation of $250 worth of ADHD books to the Barbara and Mike Bass Library at Lorain County Community College

From Kirsten Milliken, Maine

  • Partnering with professionals/executives with ADHD:
  • Professionals presenting to students with ADHD
  • General community presentation on ADHD
  • An event for providers who work with ADDers
  • Presentation on ADHD and nutrition.

Two women in my community helped me organize 5 events!

  • Secured rooms on the local college campus for each night of the week for presentations with local providers.
  • Collaborations include student services at the university, a chiropractor, an integrative medicine doctor, and a neurobiologist.

Mindy Katz, Virginia

  • CHADD chapter partnered with the Tidewater Community College, Office of
  • Student Accessibility and are showing ADD & Loving It?!, followed by a panel discussion – a
  • department chair who has ADHD, student, family, adult and an expert.

From Maureen Nolan, Georgia

  • Agnes Scott College (ASC) will host a screening of ADD & Loving It?!, moderated by myself.
  • A drawing for an AD~HD t-shirt.
  • At a separate event in October, ASC will show a video first screened at the 2012 ACO conference. This video is available for anyone to use in their event content as long as there is no financial charge for its showing.