I am looking forward to welcoming you to The Ninth Annual International ADHD Professionals Conference hosted by ACO.

This year’s theme, Connect Coach Create – Building the Business of Coaching, is also our purpose for coming together in Reston. Whether you are a veteran or new coach, I am certain you will leave with useful tools to develop or enhance your business.

Conference chairs, DeShawn Wert and Kirsten Milliken, together with a committee of talented members, have outdone themselves preparing an exciting conference. With a focus on business building and best practices to help those with ADHD, they have put together a stellar list of speakers and presenters from the coaching, medical, academic and organizing professions. There will be opportunities to network with these colleagues and meet new people who share a passion for learning. What more could you ask for?

Be sure you visit the variety of exhibitors who are great supporters of this conference and this industry. They have much to offer. Also, while there, please introduce yourself to the ACO Board members who can be identified by red ribbons on their badges. They have done an outstanding job providing member benefits, resources, research articles, and programs. Due to their exceptional efforts, marketing of the ACO has greatly improved. This has increased the exposure of our coaches to greater numbers of those in need.

Take advantage of everyone’s time at this conference and the unlimited possibilities to Connect, Create and Build the business of ADHD coaching.

Until the next time . . .


Joyce Kubik, President
Joyce Kubik, President

Joyce Kubik, CMC, ADHD Coach
Author, Presenter & Consultant
President, ADHD Coaches Organization