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5th Annual International ADHD Coaches Conference
The Many Faces of ADHD

March 23—March 25, 2012
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  • Recreate new beliefs and values in clients through an innovative program that uses digital storytelling  Nadine Nassar talks about her session with Laurie Dupar and Alan Brown
  • Learn about the latest research regarding exercise & ADHD and then participate in a workout! Kari Lewis talks about that here.
  • Knowing the inner turmoil of the inattentive ADHD adolescent female, increases your success and hers with Dr. Joan Teach
  • De-stygmatizing ADHD by creating a fresh context so people can embrace the diagnosis and move forward with Rick Green of TotallyADD.com
  • Take the mystery out of supporting clients to better manage and maximize the effectiveness of ADHD medications with Laurie Dupar
  • Reinforcing the link between coaching and the school system in order to promote client success with Karen Lowry
  • An effective coaching model to redirect at risk youth with ADHD away from the juvenile/criminal justice systems with Robert Tudisco
  • You can successfully multiply your time, help more clients, and increase profits through group coaching with Linda Walker
  • How-to guide to facilitate your own ADHD retreats: advice from a veteran retreat coach with Linda Roggli
  • Mind Mapping is an extremely effective tool for unleashing a client’s creativity and increasing productivity. Jay Carter tells how.
  • Learn about overcoming ADHD barriers to live our dreams and inspiring others—even the imprisoned—to live theirs with speaker Wendy Lippard.
  • Conference chair, Judith Champion, talks about what’s coming up in Atlanta at the 5th Annual ADHD Coaches International Conference: The Many Faces of ADHD
  • Learn the importance and specific tools for balancing the mind, body, and spirit for self care of both coach and client with Sherry Clarke and Beverly Rohman
  • Revealed! Neuroscience secrets underlying common ADHD behaviours that will support, or sabotage, coaching strategies. Listen to 2 minutes with Candace Taylor
  • Opportunity for coaches to learn what is currently known about the neuroscience of ADHD. Listen to Dr. Terry Dickson
  • Enhance your practice by offering this cost effective, home-based tool that improves brain function. Listen to Dr. Ron Minson
  • Dramatically raise your clients’ self-esteem and inspire activation of their strengths to create positive momentum and success. Listen to 2 minutes with David Giwerc
  • Shift your energy and shift your life for the rest of your life – for free! Listen to Chana Klein
  • Improve clients’ relationship with time. Coach the Strengths Trio: Narrative, Gratitude, and Savoring. Listen to Virginia Hurley
  • Learn from a highly successful coach how to build your business with authentic marketing techniques. Listen to a short call with Jennifer Koretsky
  • Create predictable, leveraged and even passive income: a proven accountability system that helps clients change! Listen to Gina Hiatt talk about her session.
  • Increase your understanding of ADHD Temperament and learn effective tools for anger management. Listen to Rudy Rodriguez talk about his session.
  • Elicit your clients’ brain-based motivational blueprint and help them take full advantage of it. Listen to 2 minutes with David Nowell
  • Increase your ability to coach ADHD clients through career development expertise and work-related strategies. Listen to 2 minutes with Wilma Fellman
  • The joys and pitfalls of taking a technology-based, interactive, virtual approach to ADHD coaching. Listen to 2 minutes with Elaine Taylor-Klaus
  • Mind science and common sense will differentiate your practice – useful at any age level. Listen to 2 minutes with Charles Parker