ACO is Global

ACO International Members

What do Shanghai, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Lidingö, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Port Perry, and Reseda have in common? These cities are home to ADHD coaches who make up the ACO Global Expansion Committee (AGEC). The AGEC is a newly formed group with a mission to advise ACO’s support and spread of ADHD coaches and coaching worldwide.

Though this group was forged and named at the recent ACO conference, the seeds of its future influence had been sown. By the pioneering efforts of coaches in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Peru, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, China, Holland, et al., ADHD coaching is being introduced and in some cases gaining momentum in a number of countries outside the US and Canada.

The ACO would like to honor this work and build on it. Giving voice to a multinational chorus of coaches within ACO will continue this effort – the spread of ADHD coaching across the globe – by offering guidance to ACO in a number of ways:

  1. help the ACO leverage its internal cultural diversity by drawing upon a league of coaches as leaders/representatives of their respective country (or continent in some cases);
  2. help identify initiatives that will increase coach representation and abundance across the globe;
  3. diversify ACO leadership to more adequately represent the entire world of coaches in the US and beyond.

Evolving Global Leadership

ACO Canadian Members

As of the 2012 conference, the coaches who stepped forward as delegates in this global initiative are as follows: Anna Maria Lindell (Sweden); Billi Bittan (Israel), Candace Taylor (Canada), Charlotte Hjorth (Denmark), Cordula Bredemeier (Germany), Eda Aydogan (Turkey), Glen Hogard (U.S.), Linda Walker (Canada), Mai-Ling Tien (China), and Elizabeth Vieira-Richard (Canada). Members of the ACO Board who will participate are Robb Garrett (President), Ose Schwab (Treasurer), and Andrew Madejczyk (Technology Chair).

Mai-Ling Tien, an ACO coach who lives in Shanghai, China has agreed to lead this committee. She brings leadership experience in culturally diverse groups. Working for Apple Computer, Mae-Ling was in charge of coordinating communications, resources, and events with other countries in Asia while residing in Hong Kong. She has a longstanding passion for advocating cultural diversity. And of course, she desires to see ADHD coaching spread to all corners of Asia as well as other parts of the world.

Mae-Ling is eager to work with her counterparts that make up AGEC. Specific plans and the schedule for monthly meetings with the Global Expansion Committee will be forthcoming in the next month. In the meantime, if you are interested in participating in this endeavor, please email Mae-Ling Tien at