By Sarah D. Wright, Circle Editor

Last month we debuted two new regular columns in Circle:

  • From the Research Committee
  • and the Guest Contributor column

This month we’re adding:

which we hope will inspire you to do your own great things in your own communities. Please check out those three articles in this month’s issue!

But you know, your editor can’t keep these new columns vital and informative for you without your help. As our conference chairs are pointing out this month, doing a great job is a joint effort–it does take a village. So to do a great job with Circle, your editor needs your ideas, suggestions, and contributions.

From the Research Committee If you have an interest in reading research articles and in writing up summaries of pertinent information to share with your colleagues, please contact Sarah D. Wright, Circle Editor, at or Virginia Hurley, Research Committee Chair, at

Guest Contributor Column If you have information you’d like to share with other coaches and are interested in being a Guest Contributor, just email your submission. Include your article, a 100-word bio, and your preferred headshot, and I will get back to you about publishing it. Additionally, if you have any suggestions as to who you’d like to hear from as a Guest Columnist, please email me that information!

Coaches in the News Are you a coach in the news, or do you know someone who is? Has there been a print article about you, or a coach you know? Were you on the TV or radio? Are you speaking someplace? Let the rest of us know. Inspire us to do similar things in our own communities and let us celebrate your success with you! Send the info here and I’ll get back to you about publishing it.

Growing Pains Last month we debuted the Guest Contributor column. Although Laurie Dupar’s article was published in the Circle Blog, it was not listed in the newsletter that went out. To make amends, we are publishing a second article by Laurie in this month’s Guest Contributor column. Please take a minute to read both of these useful articles:

Growing Your Business Remember, contributing to Circle can pay off for you in multiple ways: participating in your professional association helps you build your professional community, it gives you opportunities to network both within the organization and in the larger ADHD professional community, it helps build your reputation as an expert, and it gets your name out there through this well read newsletter. So don’t be shy. Step up. Speak up. Let us help each other be the best coaches and professional association that we can be.

WrightPhoto150x150All my best,
Sarah D. Wright