Your ACO Conference is Calling You!

ACO Conference ‘Coaches Called to Courage’
Chicago, Illinois, USA, April 29 – May 1, 2011

February is passed, April is around the corner and so the weeks of final planning before conference are passing quickly. We are now heading to the busy time of nuts and bolts activity that lead up to the ACO Conference in Chicago, Illinois, USA, April 29 – May 1, 2011.

Register today!

In the two months before conference, the committee and presenters find it takes courage and persistence to hone the quality workshops uniquely created for you. The conference committee and Board of Directors are excited about ADHD coaches and other interested professionals coming together for the best ADHD coach conference in the world in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Our 24 presenters have been chosen from over 40 submissions, and are an extremely diverse group of coaches and allied professionals. In December 2010, our judging panel dialed in from countries across the globe to choose what we believe will be the foundation of an extraordinary body of knowledge. We feel you will thoroughly enjoy our presenters, professionals from whom you and your coaching business will benefit.

Because of the marketing I have done, much of which I learned how to do at ACO conferences, I have a full practice that at this point is self-sustaining. I long ago stopped going to break out sessions at CHADD and ADDA conferences (instead I do a lot of networking with other professionals), but I always go to the break out sessions at the ACO conferences. Why? Because I always learn something important and relevant to coaching or building my practice. And I get a real shot of adrenaline, enthusiasm, connection, and support from my fellow coaches that helps sustain my momentum when I return home. If I could only go to one conference, I’d hands down choose the ACO as the best investment of my time and money.

Sarah Wright, Past-President, ACO

International Presenters Join the Conference

The ACO has claimed that it is a professional international organization, and this year we are proving it to be so! Courageous decisions were made on all sides to converge in Chicago. For many of our presenters, it will be their first time at an ACO Conference and in particular two hail from Argentina and the United Kingdom. As such, all our presenters bring with them a diverse range of strong coaching experience, philosophies and passion. This new vanguard and some of our foundation members combine our future with our heritage.

It is the ACO’s belief that this conference will help to pave the way for extending global connectivity, for continuing to build a body of coaching knowledge that is truly unique to our profession and for raising the banner of and acceptance of neuro-diversity for our clients world wide.

If you haven’t registered, do it now!

The number of places we can offer is limited by our hotel size and the amenities they offer so we are limited to 100 participants. Feel the urgency and the call to courage to make your hotel accommodations immediately.

Attend ADDCA’s Annual Conference, Too

ADDCA, a strong supporter of the ACO, has announced their Annual Conference which is to be held on the Thursday adjacent to ACO’s Pre-Conference. We would like to welcome ADDCA students and alumni and suggest that as you register for ADDCA’s conference, you also register for the ACO Conference and extend your hotel registration to include the ACO Conference dates.


Calling All Volunteers

Come on board and help us develop this, your ACO Conference. Kay Axtel,Volunteer Coordinator, would love to hear from you! Please do look for updates on our Facebook and Twitter social net work sites and in the next Circle.

For other conference inquiries, please contact Viv Monahan, Chair, or Susan Macintosh, Co Chair.