The non-profit Coaching and Positive Psychology Initiative based at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital is presenting the first Harvard Medical School coaching conference on September 26 and 27 in Boston, Massachusetts: Coaching – A New Horizon: Theory, Emerging Evidence & Practice.

The conference will deliver an overview of the field of coaching, including executive, life, health, and wellness coaching, suitable for both novice and experienced coaches. This energizing and groundbreaking event will integrate material from lectures by world leaders in coaching theory, research, and practice, with coaching exercises and demonstrations.

Participants will learn the similarities and distinctions of coaching and therapy. They will be introduced to various theoretical perspectives on coaching and an overview of the emerging research literature. In addition, participants will observe and practice coaching skills that they can begin to integrate into their own professional work to enhance patient or client outcomes.

At the end of the conference people will:

  • Get a basic introduction to the various theoretical perspectives on coaching.
  • Understand working definitions of coaching and key distinctions from therapy and consulting.
  • Know primary models and theories that inform coaching theory and practice.
  • Be able to identify different domains of coaching: executive, leadership, life, health, and well-being.
  • Have an overview of emerging research on coaching models and efficacy.
  • Have learned basic coaching skills that can be applied immediately in medical, therapy, or leadership practices to enhance outcomes.

Further details about the conference as well as registration information can be found here.

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