Meeting Fellow Humans

A dozen years ago I worked in a church office. A native Somalian tribesman was escorted into my office. He was introduced as a representative of his tribe in Somalia, on a mission to the United States to save his people. His tribe was under attack during one of the wars as they were a minority tribe, and they were in danger of disappearing.

  • The serious nature of his visit was riveting.
  • My ability to help him was zero.

All I could do was listen to his story. I remember him as if he were the first true human being I have ever met. His spirit was intact. His mission was virtuous. His presence was seemingly purely human.

Recently, I met an Israeli man who had a similar impact on me. The circumstances of the meeting were social, there were no stresses involved and it was a light atmosphere of conversational banter.

However, I walked away believing I had been seen, really seen as a human being and just me.

I See You

Soon, I will have the chance to meet and greet my fellow ACO coaches and members. We will all have a story to share. Drawing from the movie Avatar, I want to see you, each of you in your humanity. Help me.

My goal for the ACO 2013 conference is to truly see you in your humanity. If I pause a moment too long in a greeting, breathe with me. The conference energy is intense, electrified, and life changing. The spectrum of our contact runs from brief glances to engaged focus.

Today, set your intention for the conference.

When I see you I intend to breathe you in and to experience the essence of you in my being.

See you soon.



Maureen Nolan