Last September I returned to the ACO as Interim President. As a consequence, I again found myself writing the monthly President’s Message for Circle. In this message, it is my pleasure to report to you the results of the ACO’s annual elections, which were held just prior to the conference, and I am happy to be able to tell you that this is my last such message, because as of June 1st, the ACO will have a new President.

Presenting Your New Board

Here are the results of the ACO’s annual elections, and a full list of who is doing what on the board of the ACO. All job changes will occur on June 1st.

  • Joyce Kubik, who did a stupendous job chairing the 2013 conference, will be President.
  • Maureen Nolan, who has been the Editor of Circle these last two years, will be Secretary.
  • Katherine Jahnke, who was serving as both Treasurer and Secretary will now be just Treasurer (whew!).
  • Sarah Wright will be both Immediate Past President and the new Editor of Circle.
  • Terri Gantt remains our dedicated Member Services Chair.
  • Virginia Hurley will be the Chair of the Research Committee, where her primary responsibility will be to help grow the body of research on ADHD Coaching by encouraging and facilitating further research projects.
  • Abigail Wurf is the Chair of the newly formed Volunteer Engagement Committee, which she proposed and is doing a brilliant job of spearheading. If you didn’t meet Abigail at the conference, click this link to connect with her and opportunities at the ACO.

If you have any questions or ideas or anything at all that you’d like to bring to our attention, you can write to any of the board members at their ACO email addresses:,,,,,, and

Leadership Team

Abigail and Virginia recently served on the Leadership Team, which is in some ways a junior board position. It is by invitation only, and the commitment is for just 6 months. It is a great way to try out leadership, find out what’s going on at the ACO, and make a difference without committing a lot up front. Abigail and Virginia were wonderful on the Leadership Team, and we are equally excited about the incoming group comprised by Miriam Riess, Jonathan Salem, Mary Smith, and Dema Stout. We know they too will do great things for the ACO.

And Our Goodbyes

Sadly, at the same time as we welcome the new, we must also say goodbye. Two dedicated board members are moving on to new projects in their own lives: Terry Dickson, who served on the Leadership Team and then as Vice President, and Kricket Harrison, who served first on the Leadership Team, then as Vice President, and finally as Member-at-Large. Both are very dedicated to the ACO and we thank them for their many contributions and initiatives.


ADHD Coaching is a calling that many of us have responded to. I am glad that you, and also others who are not coaches but who support ADHD Coaching, have found your way here to the ACO to be part of this vital professional association. The energy, enthusiasm, caring, and support of this community is a joy to be part of. I was honored to have served as your President from 2006-2010, honored to have served again as your Interim President for most of this last year, and I look forward to continuing to serve as the Immediate Past President and Circle Editor. It’s going to be an exciting year. I am basking in the aftermath of another great conference and looking forward to the future. I’m glad we’ll be traveling this path together.

All my best,

Sarah D. Wright ACO President
Sarah D. Wright
ACO President

Sarah D. Wright
Interim President