By Lee Rozycki, Membership Chair.

ADHDAwarenessLogo_Color_SmallADHD Awareness Month will be upon us before you know it! It’s a great opportunity to spread the facts about ADHD and to let your community know about ADHD Coaching.

Did you say you hadn’t planned anything yet? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Do you need a customizable flyer to promote your event? Your ACO has one.

How about a sample letter to the Editor or to an organization to get you started with content? Yup, your ACO has that too!

In this month’s Benefit-of-the-Month highlight, allow us to bring you to your ADHD Awareness Event Planning Materials page (you’ll have to log in to access these member-only materials).

Check Out All the Content ACO Has Prepared For You!

PART ONE – Plan Your Event With These Downloadable Planning Tools:

PART TWO – Promote Your Event With These Downloadable Promotional Tools:

Additionally, there are many great resources at

PART THREE- Give Your Presentation With These Downloadable Presentation Tools:

*In downloading this PowerPoint presentation, you agree to these terms of use.

So How do I Access The ADHD Awareness Planning Materials?

Easy. First log in with your user id and password. The page will refresh to bring you to the member content side of the website. The page will say “Welcome to the ACO Members Site!” with your account information displayed. Next, hover your cursor over the tab at the top that says “Resources” and then click on “Awareness Resources” in the drop down box and you’re there! Your smiling ADHD Awareness Team members greet you at the top of the page and want you to scroll down and take what you need of the wonderful material listed. As you pick and choose, modify and customize, remember to let your audience know that you are a member of the ACO. Raise awareness all the way around!

Have fun now planning and creating for October’s ADHD Awareness Month.

In support of your membership,
we remain
Your Membership Committee

Lee Rozycki2015Lee Rozycki serves as chair of the ACO’s Membership Committee.
Lee has worked for the pharmaceutical industry, and has been a PTA President, member of her local School Board of Education, and member of her local Mental Health Board. Lee helps clients clarify their beliefs and what matters most to them, then helps them develop strategies to enhance their true selves. Contact her at the ACO at, or privately at