By Christopher Mulhare, Membership Committee

JADCoverImageDid you see this? Wow, a lot of must reads!

I’m looking at the Journal of Attention Disorders or JAD for short. The recent issue is a “Special issue on College students with ADHD.” As a coach for young women from tweens to college-age, this issue of JAD is extremely useful to me. I’m finding it both insightful and useful, both a refresher course and full of new information. While I was logged into my ACO membership account, I also checked out Russell Barkley’s The ADHD Report online, which is another ACO member benefit. It also had articles with information that I used immediately in my coaching practice. Honestly, I am like a little kid, who has his hand in the cookie jar. I am doing the happy dance, I’m so excited!

I’m also willing to bet that this is an untapped gold mine for most of our members. As members of the ACO, we have unlimited access to two wonderful publications that would normally cost us an arm and a leg. Yes, the cost of subscription to these two journals alone is more than the cost of our annual membership! So I strongly suggest you login and check them out and what they have to offer you and your practice. I bet you too will be doing the happy dance as you explore these rich sources of evidence-based practice to help you both develop as a coach and help your clients

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ChristopherMulhareChristopher Mulhare, CPC