By Rajal Dhruva, ACO Membership Committee

How would you like to virtually connect with other coaches all over the world and bounce off ideas on anything and everything relating to your coaching business or practice?

With the ACO’s members-only Listserve, members can tap into the collective experience and knowledge of their fellow members and openly share information, ask questions, and discuss anything pertinent to ADHD or Coaching. This is huge and highly valued by our members.

These are just some examples of recent topics:

  • Noopept as a supplement to enhance learning and memory
  • A writer for your business marketing needs
  • ADHD evaluation specialist recommendation in LA
  • Education consultant knowledgeable with boarding schools in TX
  • Recommendation for a website developer
  • Dictation software recommendation

In addition to the valuable information that is shared daily on our Listserve, you can also gain clients through this Yahoo Group! The Listserve is frequently used for referrals when members get inquiries from clients who would be better served by someone else.

ADHDCoachesYahooGroupTopicsThis is a snapshot of how one of our members archives all the shared information from her ADHD Coaches yahoo group for future reference. The topics are wide ranging and helpful.

Everyone who joins the ACO as a member is invited to this list via email (from Once you get your invitation to join, you will have to actively click a button to join the group. You do not need a yahoo account in order to be part of this group.

If you are already a member but missed the invitation to join this group you can contact

You can also visit the group on the web.

You should also read our Netiquette Policy that keeps this Listserve a great forum for our professionals.

So, come check out the Listserve on ADHD Coaches Yahoo Group and jump into conversation!

Rajal-DhruvaRajal Dhruva, AAC, BS, is a member of the ACO membership committee.

She is also a Life Coach in Austin Texas, specializing in the areas of ADHD and Executive Function challenges for students and adults. If you have ADHD and want to be more successful at school, life, or work, she can help. Rajal is passionate about helping to create unique customized systems to help families affected by ADHD live happier, easier and more productive lives. Contact her at or through her website at