By Bob Browy, Guest Contributor, and Sarah D. Wright, Editor

In Part 1 of this series on certification for ADHD Coaches, we introduced you to the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC), the certifying body for ADHD Coaching.

PAAC offers three levels of certification (Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner, Professional Certified ADHD Coach, and Master Certified ADHD Coach), each requiring varying levels of training, experience, and proficiency.

Proficiency is evaluated according to PAAC’s ADHD Coaching competencies, which have been grouped into three distinct competency areas: Partnership, Exploration and Action. In this, the second part of our series on PAAC certification, we will look at its first area of competency–Partnership–as it appears in ADHD Coaching.

The Partnership Competencies

PAAC has defined four competencies that must be present in order to show a command of partnering between coaches and their ADHD clients.

  1. Establish Ethical Standards and Conduct: A coach must demonstrate a commitment to, as well as an understanding of the professional and ethical standards for ADHD coaching and is able to communicate and apply those standards. Understanding ADHD and how it shows itself on a daily basis.
  2. Create a Respectful, Collaborative Partnership: A coach sets a strong foundation with the client by establishing a safe, supportive environment based on mutual respect, trust appreciation and confidentiality. Create a non-judgmental environment, where the client feels safe.
  3. Co-create a Clearly Articulate Coaching Plan: A coach collaboratively establishes an overall coaching agreement and plan with the client, clarifies and measures the client’s desired outcomes for each coaching session, and attends to the ongoing coaching goals and partnership. Working with the client to create a plan that will work for the client, and that the client will take ownership of.
  4. Embody a Passionate, Engaged Presence: A coach is fully present and collaborative with the client, employing an appreciative, flexible and confident manner. Acknowledging the clients difficulties and brings positive re-enforcement, even when the client doesn’t see the accomplishments.

PAAC Professional ADHD Coaching Competency Webinars

In order to educate coaches who are considering pursuing certification, PAAC has recorded a number of webinars, each discussing one of its eleven competencies. Listed here are the webinars on the four competencies that comprise Partnership:

  1. Establish Ethical Standards and Conduct: FEB2014 and SEP2013, both with Alan Graham.
  2. Create a Respectful, Collaborative Partnership: MAY2013 and MAR2014, both with Barbara Luther.
  3. Co-create a Clearly Articulate Coaching Plan: MAR2013 with Barbara Luther, and MAY2014 with Chana Klein.
  4. Embody a Passionate, Engaged Presence: JUN2013 with Linda Walker.

We encourage you to listen to them and to read more about the PAAC certification process here.

Bob Browy was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and sought out a coach to help him understand and manage his ADHD. With the help of the tools he learned from his coach, Bob spent 27 years in the business world as a salesperson, general manager, IT manager, and partner in a successful software development company. Wanting to give back, Bob trained at ADDCA and now works with adults with ADHD. You can reach him at 224-286-4149 and at

SarahDWrightSarah D. Wright is a founding board member of the ACO, author of ADHD Coaching Matters: The Definitive Guide and currently serves as Circle editor. She can be reached at