By Bob Browy, Guest Contributor, and Sarah D. Wright, Editor

In Part 1 of this series on certification for ADHD Coaches, we introduced you to the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC), the certifying body for ADHD Coaching.

paaccoacheslogoPAAC offers three levels of certification (Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner, Professional Certified ADHD Coach, and Master Certified ADHD Coach), each requiring varying levels of training, experience, and proficiency. Proficiency is evaluated according to PAAC’s ADHD Coaching competencies, which have been grouped into three distinct competency areas.

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed PAAC’s Partnership Competencies and in Part 3 we discussed the Exploration Competencies. In this, the fourth and final part of our series on PAAC certification, we will look at the Action Competencies, which must appear in order to show a command of action and fully support the client in examining possibilities and creating powerful actions to forward their progress.

The Action Competencies

Explores Choices and Invites Action: Explores options and ongoing learning opportunities with the client. Encourages prioritization leading to immediate actions.

Moving the client into action is an important part of coaching, by exploring with the client, the ways in which they have experienced success in moving into action, maintaining focus and following through. The client is reminded that success is possible, and how satisfying that feeling is.

Encourages Responsibility and Establishes Accountability: Ignites the client’s sense of personal responsibility and accountability, while assisting the client to develop personally supportive systems and structures.

Here the coach works with the client to evaluate results and explore what has blocked success, and without judgmental, helps the client adjust behavior to achieve success. A coach also has the opportunity here to create accountability for the client around commitments made, and encourages accountability partners.

Connects to Powerful Possibilities: Co-creates an empowering picture of what success could look like for the client which is grounded in client self understanding, strengths, values, clarity and commitment to action.

By creating a picture of achievable and sustainable success for the client, a coach helps the client imagine what is possible and reinforces the client’s successes and ability to achieve future goals. This is also a chance to check in with the client to make sure the client feels that the goals for this session have been achieved.

The Webinars

To educate coaches who are considering pursuing certification, PAAC has recorded a number of webinars, each discussing one of its eleven competencies. Listed here are the webinars for two of the three competencies that comprise Action (the webinar for the “Encourages Responsibility and Establishes Accountability” competency will be posted on the PAAC website soon):

Explores Choices and Invites Action: NOV2013 with Linda Carter
Connects to Powerful Possibilities: FEB2014 with Barbara Luther

Some Final Words

This concludes our four-part series introducing you to the ADHD Coaching Specialty Certification from the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC). The ACO encourages its ADHD Coach members to seek certification from PAAC or other independent life coach certification body such as ICF, CCE, or IAC. If you have additional questions about PAAC certification, contact PAAC’s board president, Barbara Luther.

Bob Browy was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and sought out a coach to help him understand and manage his ADHD. With the help of the tools he learned from his coach, Bob spent 27 years in the business world as a salesperson, general manager, IT manager, and partner in a successful software development company. Wanting to give back, Bob trained at ADDCA and now works with adults with ADHD. You can reach him at 224-286-4149 and at

SarahDWrightSarah D. Wright is a founding board member of the ACO, author of ADHD Coaching Matters: The Definitive Guide and currently serves as Circle editor. She can be reached at