Coaching is about listening and connecting. Arguably, blogging is supposed to be the same, well, successful blogging anyway.

Check out this post about kumbyaya blogging* over at

Sonia Simone gives ten reasons.  Read them all.  And pay attention to this one, in particular:

3. If you build it, they will not (necessarily) come

Sincerity is wonderful. A powerful message is wonderful.

Spending hundreds of hours on a blog no one reads is not wonderful.

The Kumbaya crowd gets a little grossed out at the thought of “self promotion,” but if your ideas are going to find their community, you need to get over that temptation to hide your light under a bushel.

There are more resources every day for people who want to self promote without turning into sleazeballs. Keep your eyes open for models, and learn to get comfortable shining the spotlight on yourself every once in awhile.

And my edit of reason ten:

10. The best way for a …[coach]… to make a living is by helping people

When you solve actual problems, even if you (yikes) make a buck on it, you’re doing good work.

There’s no shortage of problems on planet Earth, so the opportunities are endless. Find one that pulls at you, figure out a solution that really helps, and learn enough business techniques so you don’t make a mess of the whole thing.

* Kumbaya is a folk song often sung around campfires. For some people it  engenders warm feelings of connection and higher purpose. Some people find it idealistic or just plain goofy.  Your pick.