ADHDAwarenessMonth_Color_SmallHave you noticed how quickly summer is passing? Have you also noticed how quickly October–aka Global ADHD Awareness Month–is nearing? But take heart. It’s not too late to start making your plans and preparations to do your part for Global ADHD Awareness Month.

The ACO ADHD Awareness Team presented the first ADHD Awareness Workshop in late July. This workshop explored ideas for possible ADHD Awareness activities and walked participants through a planning process. We also provided participants with an ADHD Awareness timeline and checklist to assist your planning. As one participant in July wrote,

“And I love the documents–especially the timeline… just what I need!”

If you missed ADHD Awareness Workshop #1, the good news is that it was recorded and will available to everyone on the ADHD Awareness list-serve. Click here to get on the ACO’s ADHD Awareness list-serve (which is a member-only benefit). Then click on “Join This Group” and following the directions. As of this writing, we have 56 ACO member coaches registered for the ADHD Awareness list-serve.

ADHD Awareness Workshop #2 is scheduled for August 14. For your convenience, we are offering Workshop #2 at two separate times: 1-2pm Eastern and 8-9pm Eastern. This workshop will walk you through the ACO sponsored ADHD Awareness state-of-the-art Power Point presentation that will be available for you to use during Global ADHD Awareness Month.

EVERYONE who has registered for the ADHD Awareness list-serve will receive the call details and the handouts for workshop #2. We will send the ADHD Awareness handouts, resources and workshop information to everyone who has joined the ADHD Awareness list-serve. All ADHD Awareness resources will be available on the ACO member site at a later date.

Join the ACO ADHD Awareness list-serve by clicking this link.
Then click on “Join This Group” and following the directions.

For the additional training seminar that fits your schedule:
August 14 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time
August 14 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time

If you haven’t already, sign up for the ACO’s ADHD Awareness list-serve and get the bridge line information for the August training seminars.

Best from your ACO Global ADHD Awareness Team:
Rudy Rodriquez, Joyce Kubik, Charlotte Hjorth, Candace Taylor, Chris Hamrin, Elizabeth Paparo, Lisa Boester, Mavis Nyakunengwa, and Mindy Katz.