Membership drive starts now!

Shire, makers of Adderall and Vivance, is launching an unbranded PSA campaign to increase public awareness of adult ADHD.  This campaign will include TV, radio and print public service announcements driving viewers to an unbranded mini-website which will have supporting information about the reality and treatments for adult ADHD.

The PSAs will feature a really BIG NAME PERSONALITY (who is yet to be announced, but let me tell you, it will be cool!). And the website will have links just to and CHADD, ADDA and US! That’s it.

That’s a very exclusive list of sites.

This means that the millions of people who  go to the site because of the PSA will see information about the ACO and about coaching.

SO we’re offering a special membership deal for new professional members only. If you know someone who’s put of joining, now is the time!
Be sure your profile in the Find a Coach directory is up to date so some of those millions of people can find you.