Let’s start a revolution of forgetting and leaving our belongings behind like small gifts or offerings to the world.

My first ACO conference offering occurred Friday morning when I left behind my ACO bag with a scarf, a light coat, and the volunteer envelope in the assembly room. Throughout the day, I had the opportunity to speak with many people about that bag. Concerned friends old and new made suggestions for its recovery and offered sympathy and encouragement to me. The next morning I shared with the conference my joy at the bag being found. It was a celebratory moment that even earned applause.

My second offering was Saturday evening. Exhausted and close to tears when I misplaced my phone, two friends walked me through the process of retracing my steps, jogging my memory to look inside my conference folder, and there it was. Again, we celebrated.

In general, I forget far more than I remember. I am assured this is the way humans are supposed to be, or I wouldn’t have so many companions in forgetting. Surely this is how new worlds and ideas and inventions are made: Now where was that continent? What was I thinking about light? How did that idea go?

What did you forget, leave behind, lose, or plant at the conference that you want to recall, reclaim, or reconstruct? What moment have you forgotten from the weekend, and now remember, thinking “Oh, I forgot about that for a bit. Wasn’t it unique, important, and wonderful?” Isn’t the rediscovery sweet?

I took a last walk down the workshop hall after the conference was over. In the strange silence, each of you left an energy seed, something slowly taking root while yet invisible. Sari spoke about seeing each client as whole, or as coaches say, as fully creative, resourceful and whole. Who did you meet at the conference whom you felt connected with in a complete way? Who will you keep up with to make the experience complete? Who saw you? Whom did you see?

Your conference offerings are what was left behind in their complexity, their creativity, and completeness. I get chills thinking of what will sprout through the year and be grown for the Phoenix conference in 2014.

See you there.

Maureen Nolan, Editor
Maureen Nolan, Editor

Maureen Nolan