UPDATE (October 2014): The IAAC has been formally dissolved as an organization. For information on ADHD Coach Certification, click here.


Now that we’re beginning a new year, the IAAC Board wanted to take a moment to

  • to thank the IAAC credentialed coaches for their continued support of the organization and
  • to share some exciting 2012 initiatives.

First, we want to congratulate all of the ADHD coaches who obtained their IAAC credential in 2011 and to the ACCP’s who are beginning the credentialing process. We are pleased that coaches have chosen to credential with IAAC and with another credentialing “window” approaching, please visit our website to gain more information about the requirements and process. At the bottom of the web page, you’ll see a link to bring up a one page chart that has the credentialing requirements by the individual credential.

Obtaining a credential demonstrates to the ADHD community and potential clients the training, expertise and ADHD knowledge a coach has acquired.

Now, the exciting new initiatives for 2012

  • CCEU’s for Volunteering with IAAC: As an all-volunteer organization, we value the time and energy that each person contributes to IAAC. In recognition of these efforts, we are now awarding CCEU’s to coaches who volunteer which can be used toward your IAAC coaching recertification (coming up in 2013).
  • Annual CCEU distribution will range from 2 credits for short term assignments/events to 15 credits for the position of president.
  • Positions must be held through the duration of the position term (generally one year), or assignment completion date to be eligible for the credit distribution.

More information will be available on the new IAAC website effective February 1, 2012.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to connect with our greater ADHD coaching community, contribute to the growth of the IAAC and receive recertification credits for your hard work.

  • IAAC has a Facebook page! We will be posting a “Question of the Month” on the website beginning in 2012 that will provide some clarity around the questions we most frequently receive about the credentialing process.

Make sure you “friend” us so you don’t miss out on any of the postings!

  • Website Upgrade: Work continues on the IAAC website as we migrate to a newer version of the software in support of our credentialed coaches and professional members. Our objective is to make the site more user friendly and to provide the IAAC community with comprehensive information to make the credentialing process  as transparent as possible.

We hope that 2011 was a productive and rewarding year for the ADHD coaching community and that 2012 will bring even more success.

Thank you!

The IAAC Board