UPDATE (October 2014): The IAAC has been formally dissolved as an organization. For information on ADHD Coach Certification, click here.

Does any degree or certificate meet the training requirements for an IAAC ADHD coaching credential?


I have a master’s degree and am certified to teach special education. Many of my students have ADHD and I find that I like working with this group of individuals. ADHD Coach training seems to be a natural complement to my skill set. I have completed more than 65 hours training at this time. My question is will my certification in education meet the training requirement for the certification that is listed under the Certified ADHD Coach (CAC) Credential for Path 1?


The CAC Credential is appropriate for the experienced ADHD coach who recognizes the value of meeting and maintaining a common set of proficiencies, values and competencies around the ADHD coaching process, and as such, wants to signal this commitment to their clients and the wider community.

This question about alternative training is frequently asked by individuals—such as therapists, counselors, psychologists and physicians—who serve the ADHD community, people who have had extensive prior training and education, but in areas outside of coaching.

The IAAC was formed to support the profession of ADHD coaching and as such recognizes the need for coach specific training and certification. While the training and experience in working with individuals with ADHD will be helpful in understanding ADHD, it does not meet the IAAC requirement for coach specific training.

So what is the path to certification for the coach with this question?

Path 1 for the Certified AD/HD Coach Credential requires:

  • a minimum of 65 hours of specific ADHD coach training,
  • as well as a minimum of 60 hours of general coach training including proof of having either
    • passed the organization’s certification test of competencies, proficiencies and skills
    • or, if the applicant has not passed a such a test, s/he has received a credential from ICF, IAC or another coaching credentialing body. Certification from an institute, school or organization for a skill other than coaching would not satisfy this requirement.

Is there another way to get an IAAC credential?

Path 2 for the Certified AD/HD Coach Credential requires:

  • the same minimum of 65 hours of specific ADHD coach training,
  • as well as a minimum of 125 hours of general coach training. This does not require a coach training certificate or coaching credential.

In addition, both paths have the same client-coaching hour and exam requirements:

  • Minimum two (2) years of ADHD Coaching experience;
  • Minimum 500 ADHD Coaching hours;
  • Minimum 12 ADHD-related coaching clients;
  • Successful completion of a written and recorded oral assessment.

The IAAC offers two other credentials.

  1. The Associate Certified AD/HD Coach (ACAC) is for coaches who are beginning their coaching career.
  2. The Senior Certified AD/HD Coach (SCAC)  is for those who have enhanced their ADHD coaching skills with additional training and client coaching hours.

For more information about becoming an IAAC AD/HD Credentialed Coach click here or  contact Linda Taylor, the IAAC Credentialing Commissioner.