By Joyce Kubik, President.

It seems like summer has just begun, but we are already planning for our annual conference next April 29 – May 1, in Reston, Virginia. I therefore want to take this opportunity to introduce you to–and extend a hearty “Welcome Aboard” to–the dynamic team of DeShawn Wert, Kirsten Milliken, and Nancy Bean, our conference co-chairs for 2016:

DeShawn Wert KirstenMillikenRound Nancy Bean

DeShawn Wert

Kirsten Milliken

Nancy Bean

Part of the mission of the ACO is to serve as an informational link about ADHD Coaching to the general public and other professionals working with people who are affected by ADHD. In service to this mission, next year we are throwing our doors open wide. Our next conference will be not only for ADHD coaches, but also for other professionals working with ADHD such as psychologists, educators, and disability services.

The conference co-chairs are already working on the theme, the RFP (request for proposals), and their support team, so I invite all of you to start thinking about what you have to share! And not just your tribe, but to all professionals working with ADHD.

You don’t have to be famous or certified or published to present at the conference. Just as an example, I joined ACO in 2008 and presented for the annual conference that year. No one knew me. I was not certified. But I did have experience coaching. My presentation was well received, and I felt encouraged and motivated by the positive feedback I received from attendees. The recognition of presenting at an ADHD conference did wonders for my credibility and my future work as an ADHD Coach.

So, do you have something of interest to coaches? Many of you were former educators, psychologists, and more. Your years of experience drove you to helping those with ADHD. What can others learn from you? Do you have advice for newer coaches? Whether you are a seasoned coach or just new, consider how you can help those who work with and interact with ADHD.

And you might want to contact DeShawn, Kirsten, or Nancy about helping out with the conference. It’s a great experience and will help you forge wonderful, supportive relationships with your colleagues. The more the merrier!

Until the next time . . . .

JoyceKubikJoyce Kubik
Certified Master Coach
Skype: joyceadhdcoach