By Robin Nordmeyer and Katherine Jahnke, Conference Co-Chairs

Our planning and efforts are now underway for bringing you the
7th Annual International ADHD Coaches Conference,


With high hopes and determination, we are focused on creating for you a rich environment in which to explore, learn, engage, and grow.
ACO Connections 2014 will provide the opportunity for connection, collaboration, education, and advocacy to positively impact our journey as ADHD coaches in support of individuals affected by ADHD.

With that said, remember that it takes a village. And you are an important part of our village! Your contributions are what make a conference great for both you as an individual and for the community as a whole. And there are many ways to get involved. Now is the time to consider how you might step up and bring your insight, strengths, expertise and contributions to our collective experience…


Perhaps you have a message to bring? In our village, we purposefully leverage the riches of our knowledge, experience, and understanding. Everyone has something to contribute. We invite ADHD Coaches and Professionals in the field of ADHD to become speakers for our conference. Our RFP is now posted on the website and the deadline for submission is September 24th. The four tracks of our conference are:

  • Our understanding of ADHD to represent a solid foundation of knowledge, awareness of what is new and upcoming, as well as how to ethically and effectively deliver education and support to our clients at their respective ages and stages.
  • Our Practice of coaching with respect to sharing and re-applying best practices and real world coaching tools and approaches as agents for change with ADHD individuals and groups.
  • Our abilities for creating and sustaining a viable coaching business with best practices for marketing and sales, leveraging technology, business planning, branding, coaching agreements, personal development, creating content and more.
  • Our professional partnerships and alliances to support the ADHD community, with special emphasis on working together as teams to coordinate the care of clients, to grow our business, to positively impact others live with their ADHD.


Perhaps you enjoy being a mentor to others? In our village, we reach back and pull forward to make our community the greatest it can be. This year we are adding two networking events to the programming and are looking for experienced coaches to give a little bit of their time at the conference for one or both events.

  • The Mastermind Networking Event is focused on masterful coaching discussions around various case study scenarios. Facilitators will provide an overview of three coaching challenges in case study format and facilitate a roundtable discussion on different approaches or solutions for the case studies presented.
  • The Mentor Coach Networking Event is focused on the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with an experienced mentor coach who serves your niche or one of a similar nature. You will be asked to prepare a one-page handout with helpful tips to share with others working in your niche. The discussion time is focused on your tips or questions from those attending your table.

Additional Volunteers

Perhaps you are a leader, or perhaps you are more comfortable as a team player? There are one or two coordinator roles left to fill and open positions on all support teams. We need your passion, expertise, ideas and leadership. Please consider your capacity to serve and let us know if you are able. Contact us through email to address your questions or to explore the opportunities available.

This year’s conference is aimed to provide you an impactful experience and we are thrilled to be a part of the journey. We look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. Now is also the time to register for the conference, before the prices go up. Do it now, before you forget!

Best wishes,

Katherine Jahnke, Co-Chair
Robin Nordmeyer, Co-Chair
2014 ACO Conference
ADHD Coaches Organization