Starting today, ADHD coaches around the world will be spreading the word that “ADHD is Real.” Are you one of them? Every coach has the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise in their community and beyond, breaking down the barriers and dispelling misinformation on what ADHD is or isn’t.


Just as a small example of what one can do, I have a client whom I’ll call Sean. He is 16 years old and trying hard to make change in his life. He has grown to accept his unique brain wiring, has spent a great deal of time monitoring his behaviors, and added some great structures into his life. He has changed his perception of himself, but cannot seem to get his dad to believe he really has ADHD. “He thinks I’m making it up!” says Sean. “I tell him I’m trying and he tells me it’s not fast enough.” My heart went out to Sean and I decided that this October, I will call his dad and offer one free hour of coaching to answer his questions about ADHD and his son. Hopefully I’ll be able to educate him about the reality of ADHD, and encourage him to start thinking positively about his son and how to support him effectively.

If you haven’t had the time to put together an Awareness event, perhaps you can offer a free hour of coaching in the month of October. You can donate books – new or used – to libraries in your community. Don’t forget that colleges may need some books, too. Or maybe you can donate a book to the special needs department in a school.

You can also ‘go green’. At the bottom of everything you send out about ADHD – fliers, articles, list of books, etc. put “Please recycle this article in your doctor’s office or share it with a friend.” This is a great way to advertise yourself and spread the word.

And what about teaming up with a fellow ADHD coach in your area or online and sponsor a Q & A session? Not all of us are speakers, but there are many small projects that can happen. I’m sure you can come up with some great ideas to share on the listserv.

ADHDAwarenessMonth_Color_SmallI wish all of you a successful and meaningful ADHD Awareness Month. And don’t forget to list your event at (you can also see what others are doing for ADHD Awareness Month)!

Until next time . . .

Joyce Kubik - PresidentJoyce Kubik
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