ACO Conference 2010 – April 30-May 2, 2010

ACO coaches are a vibrant coaching community serving people who have ADHD and those who live with them, work with them and otherwise know and love them.  We help our clients grow into the people they want to be.  We are first and foremost trained to hold our clients as creative, resourceful and whole.  We are also trained to understand the particular challenges that ADHD holds for people.  We support them to find their focus, understand their brains, and meet their great potential in spite of and because of their unique brain wiring.

This year’s conference “Raising the Bar Together” promises to deliver a powerful roster of speakers and presentations all designed to support our professional growth and understanding of the ADHD brain; coaching people who have ADHD; gaining greater awareness of related neurological disorders;  understanding medications and synthesizing all this knowledge with masterful coaching skills.

In addition to the wonderful speakers and presentations, we are planning lots of time for just being together in community.   We will challenge ourselves while having FUN.  Having us all come together as ADHD coaches in one place raises the bar for all of us.   We don’t know exactly what to expect, just that it will be grand.   I can’t wait to see you there!

We are excited to have Sandra DeFrietas, the Tech Coach for Coaches back with us to show us how to create a top-notch on-line community for connection with clients, colleagues, families, and other professionals in the ADHD realm.  For those who did not meet Sandra, you really must look her up, and read her book, Does this Blogsite Make my Wallet Look Fat? She makes it seem easy.  She’s approachable and fun.  Here’s her website.

PreConferences are Luxurious in Length

We have two pre-conference sessions to choose from, each one a delicious three hours on Friday afternoon.  Linda and Victor Roggli will teach us how to coach ADHD couples in their “Sailing the Seven Cs to a Remarkable ADHD Relationship:  Coaching ADHD Couples Back to Intimacy”. Many of us know and love Linda.  We’re lucky to have her with her husband, Victor for this fabulous preconference.  Linda will also present at a regular breakout session in an intriguing talk entitled “Techno-bling for Coaches:  What Works and What Doesn’t”. Visit Linda’s warm and inspiring website.

Our second pre-conference selection will be presented by Barbara Luther, “Understanding the ADHD Brain for Successful Weight Management”.  Barbara will be bringing her trademark warmth and generosity to update us on the latest research connecting ADHD with weight challenges.  This is a timely and often frustrating topic for many people. Read more about Barbara and her Distraction Diet.

Early Morning Eye-Opener

We are delighted to have Ira Dressner back with us in the early morning with his beautiful workshop using Tibetan and Crystal Bowls.  Those of us who attended his peaceful circle found ourselves starting the day feeling calm and energized at the same time.  We thank Ira in advance for generously  making this available to us.  Read more about Ira and his stress release system.  Ira will also be presenting an advanced coaching session during a regular breakout session entitled “Live Assessment:  ICF Core Competencies In Action”.

This is just a sampling of the sixteen enriching sessions we have planned, including Dr. Russ Ramsay as our key note speaker.  You can read in depth about each presentation and speaker and register, which we encourage you to do as early as possible.  We have reason to believe that this conference will fill up quickly!

Do you have ideas for making this conference extra special?

We want to hear them!  Write to We are also welcoming volunteer support both before the conference and during the three days in Chicago.  Let us know how you’d like to come aboard.

From Your Conference Team,

Raising the Bar Together,

Viv, Rudy, Pat, Kay, Kerch and Harriet