January President-Elect Message


Your fingerprints: An invitation to lead

The ACO exists today because of the hard work of its founders. They conceptualized the idea of a group that would support the ADHD coaching field and then they planned and worked. They formed a board, wrote vision statements, missions, bylaws, and policies. In over a decade now, many individuals have volunteered their time and skills to ACO, leaving their fingerprints on the organization, serving because they took pride in their profession and their ability to contribute to its growth and sustenance.

I joined the board because I wanted to contribute my service to the field, to promote the profession, and to help others experience a community of coaches. As a result of being a board member, I received so many personal – and unexpected — benefits. As I have worked with other dedicated professionals on the board, this experience has allowed me to:

  • Develop my leadership skills,
  • Make lasting friends and contacts,
  • Build new skills,
  • Increase my exposure to best practices.

In February, the Nominating Committee, a board committee consisting of Terri Reinhard, Rudy Rodriguez, and Tamara Rosier, begins the official process of identifying candidates for the current year’s board election. These candidates are drawn from: sitting board members, present and past leadership team members, present and past committee members, and members at large. We are inviting you to contact us.

Is it time to leave your fingerprints on the organization? Are you interested in leading ACO as it continues to grow? Please contact Terri Reinhard at T.reinhardis@gmail.com by March 1. You will be asked to complete four application questions and be interviewed by a person on the nominating committee.


TamaraRosierTamara Rosier, Ph.D.