President’s Letter

It’s the middle of January and I had yet to notice that the month had flown by so quickly! I am quite thrilled to be writing my first President’s letter to our community as I am deeply excited about ACO in 2010.

The opportunities to take our profession and our organization to the next level are limitless. Such growth is deeply embedded in the extraordinary framework built for our organization. Were it not for the pioneers of our industry who brought us together and launched the ACO, the many hands that have supported it over time and our leadership who built the structure that ‘stands’ today, I believe we would be looking at a significantly different industry and community! Thank you, Sarah Wright and the Board for being such extraordinary stewards of what is growing into a thriving organization. I could not have said yes to this opportunity without all of you!

What does the limitless opportunity look like?

It all starts with a personal story of mission, passion and purpose out of which opportunity appears. I am Ian King,  a serial entrepreneur with a passion for personal growth and development. I spent many years frustrated and feeling trapped through positions in a number of industries having both great successes and great failures The birth of my coaching profession occurred when I participated in a personal growth workshop…you know the kind; one that tore me down to jelly and rebuilt from there. It was the most excruciating, scary, wonderful and joyous experience I had ever had. In the middle of it all, I said (actually out loud): “If I could do this, all day long, every day, I would have found my calling.”

As it happens for many coaching converts, over the next couple of years I came to understand that the common thread through all of my jobs and businesses was the joy and gifts of working with people in order for them to have something ‘different’ in their lives. I have a long experience of using various forms of personal growth for both my strengthening and my own path with ADD, from books to workshops, spiritual methods to medicine and therapy in a number of modalities from talk to hypnotherapy. What I was looking for was a way to embrace them all and yet put emphasis on my own and others wholeness and our mutual empowerment.

So, coaching was invented solely for me. Who among you who feels the same? But I want to be clear that I’m sure it was all about me! 😉 As a businessman I had a lot of questions about coaching: Is it valid? Viable? Will it support my family as I’m the ‘breadwinner’?

What tipped me over the top was a conversation with a buddy who just happens to be a child psychiatrist, and who just happens to specialize in ADHD (funny how that works, eh?). I approached him about those questions and my new discovery of ADHD coaching.

He said: “ADD coaching is extremely necessary and you’d be great at it!”

That was all it took to tip me over the top. I immediately signed up for coach training (discovered that it, too had been invented for me) and the rest, as we say is history! About six months later, I quit my business, launched my coaching practice and followed that path of joy and pain (a story for a different time) to building a successful practice. Ironically, I have come to understand over time that my friend has little understanding of coaching. For whatever it was that possessed him to say what he did…I am extremely grateful.

That was four years ago and the beginning of my personal experience of limitless opportunity. Since then I’ve been coaching, business building and being quite involved in a number of coaching communities and boards of directors. I am just coming off from being the President of ICF Chicago (after my fourth year on the board) where we have done some pretty amazing things over the past few years.

Ian’s Intentions for ACO

I am excited to leverage my learning in our community! For example, it is my intention: to increase ACO advertising revenue; to be the filter for organizations and companies in corporate America looking to hire ADHD coaches; and to raise media awareness of the organization, all of which will increase membership in our organization.

I believe that an open dialogue is paramount to an empowered community. I plan to start a conversation around two of my favorite topics: Empowerment and Community and how they thrive together. In the meantime, what is your story? I really want to hear from you at


Ian King
President, ADHD Coaches Organization
King Solutions, Inc.