Member Benefits


As part of the ACO’s commitment to Education and Excellence, we support evidence-based practice and make evidence-based research available to all members. As a member benefit, ACO members have access to the full texts of all issues in the Journal of Attention Disorders (JAD). Below is a detailed “how to” for registering – and then accessing – JAD as an ACO member.

1.    sign in to ACO with your username and password
2.    click on the RESEARCH tab in the yellow band near the top of the page
3.    click on the link to “Register or login to your Sage Publications Journals account (”
4.    Scroll down and click on the red “Register / Sign In” button
5.    Scroll down to the grey button under “Register for a SAGE Journals Account”
6.    Complete the registration information (email, password, name, country, institution (ADHD Coaches Organization), and occupation (Practitioner/Professional), job title
7.    You will get this message: “To complete your registration, check your inbox for an email with instructions for verifying your email address.” The emailed link is only good for 48 hours.
8.    The first time you go to the Sage Publications website after registering, go back to the ACO website, sign in, click on the research tab and click on the link “JAD Access” [Note: you only need to do this ONCE after registering.]
9.    Once on the Sage Publications website, click on the red “Register / Sign In” button and sign into your account with your username and password
10.    You will get this message: “Claim Token Thank you! You have successfully activated your token.”
11.    After you registering, you can access the Sage Publications website directly at or from the same link from the Research page of the ACO website.