On June 18th, Linda Roggli gave a wonderful Expert Speakers Series presentation on the special issues around coaching ADHD women who are in mid life. She explained how many women who are 40 or better (loved that one – sounds like a fine wine!) are just finding out they have been living with ADHD all these years. She talked about how talented they are, how self-aware, how adept they are at hiding their “flaws,” how much encouragement they need, and how much shame they carry for not being better at everything. She also talked about the process these clients tend to go through from when they show up for coaching just wanting to be “fixed” to when they can own both their ADHD and their dreams and enjoy a life of “passionate possibilities.”

According to her bio, Linda Roggli founded the ADDiva Network in 2007 to support women with ADD worldwide. She is a certified life and spiritual coach with additional training in ADD coaching. Linda created her own dream-come-true when she opened GardenSpirit Guesthouse, a private garden retreat, at the end of 2006. GardenSpirit is the location for many of Linda’s retreats and workshops for women and couples – with and without ADD! She lives between the ocean and the mountains in the Piedmont of North Carolina with her two adoring Shelties, one adoring husband, and waaaaay too many hungry white tailed deer. And yes, she IS an ADDiva (a-dee-deeva) in her own right!

Contact her through her website at http://addiva.net/ .

More on the ESS Calls
[ed. note: Unfortunately the recording of Linda’s call was garbled so there is no recording. See what you miss when you don’t show up for the original call?]

There is, however, a recording of the call with Geri Markel about using a “Cool Tool” with clients. Find more information including a handout and recording here.

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