Increasing Relevance

Dear Friends,

Spending time with my friends and colleagues at the ACO conference was refreshing. There is a feeling of being understood and valued when I am around others who can easily “speak” my language, who appreciate my business hassles, and who know the challenges of my work – because they do it too. We have a community that invites coaches to come together and grow in supportive and successful ways.  I am grateful for how relevant the ACO has been to my personal and professional growth.

Before the conference, the ACO Board met for our annual strategic meeting. Our focus word for the upcoming year is RELEVANCE.  This year we want to ask questions that get to the heart of our mission. Questions included ones such as:

What qualities of culture and community are we seeking to create?
How do we want to be known in the ADHD community and the coaching community?
If others seek us out, what are they seeking us out for?
How do we live out our mission in a meaningful way?
Which programs and services do we want to excel?

As we discussed ACO’s mission, vision, and values in terms of increasing relevance, it became clear to us that we needed to set goals in three areas.

Increasing relevance for our membership. We want our members to experience ACO as a meaningful community that is vital to the professional development and prosperity.

Increasing relevance to other organizations. We want to build intentional relationships and liaisons with other organizations so that we can become a part of a larger landscape of ADHD treatment.

Increasing our relevance for the sake of our ADHD coaching profession. ACO wants to promote our coaches as well as the ADHD Coaching Profession, to let others know the good work that we do.

Relevance to you. Do you have big ideas about increasing relevance that you would like for us to consider this year? What do you need from ACO? What are you hoping for from ACO? How are you willing to contribute to ACO?  (Please contact me at

I look forward to our future,

TamaraRosierTamara Rosier