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Left to Right:  Kay Axtell, Robin Nordmeyer, Nancy Bean, and Anne Marie Nantais.

ACO Programs finished strong in May with an excellent presentation at the annual conference:  Craft Your Signature Program and Grow Your Business.  We received lots of feedback on how Programs can benefit its members and gained four new committee members!  Announcements for those four new members to follow in July’s Circle.

June is a busy start to new offerings with ACO Programs. Make sure you check this out and make the most of your membership with ACO.  Here is what we have coming up.  Don’t delay, these programs start out in June.

ACO Coach Exchange:  Kicks off the week June 25th and closes August 25th.  During this time, you will have the opportunity to practice coaching and record sessions for your mentor coach or certification requirements.  Each participant commits to coach their client for (6) 30 minute sessions and be coached by another participant for (6) 30 minute sessions.  Then provide feedback at the end of the session.  You must be an ACO Member to participate and the cost is $80.  Sign Up on the ACO Programs Sign Up Page.

ACO Certification Support Group:   We piloted this program in the fall and are ready to start back up again the week of June 11th.  Those in the group were working on their ICF and PAAC Certifications.  Our Support Group will meet every other week until August 11th, 2017.  As a member of ACO, your participation is free.  Since we all have different schedules, an email will go out the first week in June to collaborate as a group for the best meeting time.  Come join the community and let’s all work together to get our certifications complete over the summer.  Email Programs To Join The Group.

ACO Business Building Series:  This summer we are launching a brand new series of business building workshops.  When it comes to feeling more supported with your membership remember the saying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!  Your help would be greatly appreciated with designing the best timing and ideal topics.  We have some ideas in mind but love the feedback. Email Programs with suggestions for best timing and topics.  Visit Our Programs Page to learn more about what’s available.

ACO Case Collaboration Lives On!  Our next session is Wednesday, June 21st, 2017, from 12:00-1:00 pm EDT and the topic is Coaching ADHD Clients with Anxiety and Depression.  What do you do when a client shows signs of anxiety and depression?  How does your coaching change? What coach approaches can help while they work with a mental health care provider.  Join us to explore and collaborate on these coaching scenarios.  Sign Up On the ACO Programs Page.

ACO Programs Committee
Robin Nordmeyer, Nancy Bean, Kay Axtell and Anne Marie Nantais