Conference Preparation

No, I haven’t packed.

Yes, the dogs are going to be cared for.

No, I haven’t printed material for my workshop.

Yes, I know which hotel will host the conference (my first ADHD conference was held in the wrong hotel, until I discovered I had the right information)!

  • I have off-site reporters ready to hear from conference attendees by Twitter and email!
  • I have on-site reporters ready to take your story – look for the hat with Circle Reporter on the band
  • I know I want to find editors to represent all the countries with membership in ACO
  • I have my smart ‘droid phone (just need to learn how to twitter)

If you can’t attend, take heart and take to Twitter, Facebook and Jeff Copper’s Blog Radio – you can still participate.

My assignment is to report on what’s fit to print.

I’m on it.

Maureen Nolan
Circle Editor