Laurie DuparThis is a sad announcement for me to write. This month, with great regret, we accepted the resignation of Board of Directors’ member Laurie Dupar.

Laurie has been on the Board of Directors from the day the ACO was first incorporated in December of 2005. She served variously as the Vice President, Secretary, Member-at-Large, Chair of the Nominations Committee, and Co-Chair of the Conference Committee.

She was instrumental in putting on our first two conferences and her presentations at both were very well done and well attended. Her extraordinary breadth of knowledge, energy, determination, diplomacy, and organizational skills have left their mark on everything we enjoy at the ACO. We are really going to miss her presence on the Board.

We thank her deeply for her many years and uncounted hours of service to the ACO and wish her and her family well. I’m sure her family will be happy to have more of her time to themselves. Laurie remains a member and dedicated to the success of the ACO. If you’d like to thank her personally, you can reach her through her email address here.