The ACO’s foray into social media has been quite a success and I’m very excited about that. We have quite a following on both Facebook and Twitter and the numbers continue to increase regularly.

Lots of information goes out on our Facebook page including upcoming events and posts from the newsletter. The events pages on the ACO Facebook allows you to RSVP which gives you the opportunity to show people publicly that you support the organization and its endeavors to provide benefits to its members. Plus, social media is just fun!

If you’re not already a member, please visit our Facebook page and “like” it.

If you’re a Twitter user, please follow us there too: @ADHDcoaches

You can send questions to us on Twitter about your membership account, upcoming events, or just pass along news that you’d like to share. There is a real life person (me!!) reading posts and responding to comments and questions.

Let’s connect!