International ADHD Coaches are Invited to Apply for a Complimentary ACO Membership


One of the current goals of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) is to increase our international membership. We have numerous benefits to offer coaches worldwide and we know that developing connections across the continents will enrich and enhance both our organization and our individual members.

Presently, the ACO is a two hundred-member organization of ADHD Coaches, and many are worldwide. To achieve the stated goal, the international membership is expanding in part through a Lighthouse Membership.

A Lighthouse Membership is a complimentary six-month membership to the ADHD Coaches Organization offered to individuals outside the United States of America who meet general membership criteria but whose country is not represented or is under-represented in our organization.

What are the (International) Benefits of Belonging to the ACO?

  • You are a part of the only professional organization that supports ADHD coaches worldwide.
  • ACO is the oldest and largest ADHD Coaching association in the world.
  • As a solo-preneur you can be supported, you can share your challenges and talents and learn to resolve your professional concerns.
  • Networking with like-minded colleagues makes an impact on your professional growth and development which in turn helps you make a positive change possible for your clients.
  • You may use the ACO logo to advertise your professional membership.

Learning, Sharing and Motivating Worldwide ADD Education

In ACO, all members have the opportunity to influence the direction and agenda of the organization itself as well as the direction of the professional growth of ADHD coaching in your own country.

This complimentary Lighthouse Membership will provide you with an opportunity to participate in continuing education classes where you connect with the leaders and progressive thinkers in the ADD Coaching profession. Upon acceptance, you will receive information about an exciting annual conference that provides content and encourages experiences to spur you and your practice forward. You will also be given access to our Circle Magazine, blog rolls, a Coaches Tool Kit and more.

If you meet the criteria for Lighthouse Membership or have a friend who does, please contact: Kay Axtell, Membership Chair

We look forward to having you on board.