Lima, Peru is Talking Coaching

Coaching in Any Language Makes a Difference

by Ose Schwab

In October 2009, I found two kindred spirits who dwell in possibility. Though their address reads “Lima, Peru,” they live where need gives birth to inquiry and imagination paints reality anew.

Maya Echegaray and Beatriz Duda imagine Peruvian schools that meet the needs of students who have difficulties focusing, organizing, and staying motivated to learn. For this to happen, they believe the coaching way must be introduced and established as a presence on elementary and secondary school campuses.

Mothers Make Things Happen

Coaching in schools is something that Maya and Beatriz have been thinking about for several years. They began this work as mothers of children with ADHD. With little information and support available, Beatriz founded an organization that could meet the needs she sought. This organization, Asociación Peruana de Déficit de Atención (APDA) consists of mothers of children with ADHD. Their mission is to provide information about ADHD to parents, teachers, and professionals in order that children, adolescents, and adults can be treated in accordance with the latest research and developments so that those affected by ADHD can maximize their potential. Over the last eight years of its existence, this organization has grown to more than 8,000 members. It continues to offer coach training, workshops, publications and conferences to the ADHD community in Peru and South America at large.

Take Me to Learn, Peruvian Style Coaching

In June 2010, APDA will hold its annual conference in Lima Peru. The theme this year is Coaching in Education. The conference will feature a culmination of Beatriz and Maya’s work as coaches and trainers of teachers and parents of children with ADHD. As one of four authors, Beatriz will present ‘Llevame a Aprender’ (translated ‘Take Me to Learn’), a newly published book and coaching manual for ADHD in elementary school. In addition, Maya and Beatriz have invited me to share my experience and perspective about the power of coaching for students with ADHD.

En route to Peru, I continue to gather information, research, and stories that support Maya and Beatriz’s vision and reflect their spirit. I myself am starting to envision schools where the educators and staff listen deeply and ask questions rather than impose learning techniques or approaches. I can almost imagine an integrated network of collaborators who care about what matters to each individual learner and act in accordance with how learning really happens.

Come to the space of possibility.

Consider what can be done here for our schools or schools in any other country. I look forward to the stories that will unfold for Maya and Beatriz and for you where you live. You can follow along and contribute by blog Let’s journey together – bringing coaching to the world of education and understanding about what is important in the world to us all.

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