From the Editor

Imagine living with ADD (not hard with this audience) and the spring-forward campaign for daylight savings is upon us, just like it was recently.

Do you sleep well afterward? I have problems for days after, finding me up at 2 am and watching TV. And I came upon ADD and Loving It! – I loved it. Again. It doesn’t matter when I come upon it, I learn something new.

Georgia Public Television (GPTV) runs informational programs throughout the day, week and month, many of which I enjoy. ADD and Loving It! is mainstreaming ADD in to the culture. Again and again and again we have the chance to learn about ADD from a funny couple of guys and experts in the ADD field. Have you experienced this one yet on your state’s public television? I first saw the documentary online and now I refer my clients to the GPTV programming to find a listing that fits their viewing schedule.

Laughing with Us

Find it. Watch it. Laugh out Loud (lol) funny, heartwarming, entertaining. Is there anyone of the ACO membership that hasn’t seen it? It’s wonderful to laugh about our foibles instead of being yelled at.

Come to the ACO conference and meet a long-suffering spouse, Ava Green, like any one of our ADD clients’ spouse’s, and she is a partner in ADD and Loving It!. I can’t wait to meet her and thank her and hear what’s the next wonderful, inspirational project up their sleeves. Change your flight reservations. This is important. Don’t miss the conference presentation from ADD and Loving It! Live and during the daylight hours and the Sunday lunch.