Every journey happens twice. First in your experience, and then as you remember it, and it’s the remembrance that is the most profound.

AA Gill

Susan Macintosh

For me, this past couple of years have been extraordinary years with the ACO and I have grown truly profound memories and friendships. I have a great sense of gladness that I explored the opportunity of becoming a Board Member.

I am inviting you to experience such a year or two yourself. The ACO is a learning and growing organization and the Board, under the helm of Robb Garrett is exploring new paradigms. It is truly a remarkable time to be on the ACO Board.

If any of us had ever hoped that we would have the opportunity to change the world in a real way, then this is just such an opportunity.

Can you imagine…?

  • Being surrounded by honorable, sincere and warm people who truly respect you for who you are?
  • Spending time with people who will go out of their way to support you in what it is that you want to do?
  • An environment where possibilities are explored and brought to life as a regular occurrence?
  • You growing into an exciting Board position, touching the hearts of many of your own tribe and contributing towards the growth of knowledge and compassion worldwide of ADHD?

Happy Changes and Opportunities Ahead

That being said, for me the time has come, sadly, to step down from the formal position of Chair of Marketing & PR. I am not going far away and I will be readily available to support and coach you into this amazing role. I will continue to be involved and will always be available to you whenever you need to call upon me.

Why am stepping aside from such a wonderful role? It is a simple, personal reason.

My next twelve months are to be full of extensive and increasing travel commitments and great family “richness.” As the mother of three sons I have the unexpected pleasure of hosting a wedding,  it’s another hemisphere!

To be an Australian, is to grow up with a sense of great optimism and an understanding that “with a bit of effort, and a fair wind, today will be better than yesterday.” And, also within Australia, there is the collective understanding that “you make your own luck.”

For the ACO this is truly the case. The ACO has, with a lot of effort and very strong winds, become very lucky and is on an upward trajectory of energy and growth…it is truly an exciting time to be an ACO Board Member.

Are You Being Called?

Would you be interested in being part of this very special journey and in experiencing what it is to be a Board Member of the ACO? I am certain that your experience will be as rewarding if not more so than mine has been.

If you are curious about this opportunity to learn and grow through Board service and would like to know more about the position of Chair, Marketing & PR, then please do contact Robb Garrett at president@www.adhdcoaches.org.

And when all goes well for you and you take the reins of this opportunity into your own hands, I will look forward to working with you and for you over the coming term of your service.

Warm regards,
Susan Macintosh