The times, they are a changing. We all know this, but we may not know what to do to minimize the impact or even thrive in these interesting times. This issue of Circle is about the economy, how it’s affecting us, and what we can do about it.

At the ACO there are several economy-related happenings.

The first is that the Board has decided, with much regret and after much thoughtful discussion, to cancel this year’s conference. Before doing so, the Conference Committee called nearly half of our members inquiring about their intentions for attending. Given the already low registration and the response to our inquiries, we felt it most prudent to cancel the conference before it was too late for us to recoup our hotel and catering deposits and other financial commitments.

This was a tough decision but, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. We took a look at were we were, where we could go with it, and we realized we could repurpose a lot of the work that had been put into the conference.

This changing of the plan is what we as coaches are really good at. We help our clients go through these big change processes all the time. Now we need to do it for ourselves. At the ACO—which is THE organization for professional ADHD coaches (that means YOU)—we are planning a number of events to facilitate this process.


The April Round Table, with Robb Garrett and Joyce Kubick, will be a juicy discussion about what you, the coaches in your community, and the ACO can do to rethink what isn’t working and repurpose existing efforts to greater effect in your business.

So mark your calendars: April 14th at 2:00pm eastern. Come brainstorm with some of the best and most successful coaches in the business who will be our guests at this Round Table as to what you can do to be even more effective in your business. Get the call in info here.

Got a coach?

Do you have your own coach? If not, why not? Money, you say? Well, why not buddy coach or enter into a master mind group with fellow coaches? If you are interested in getting partnered up with like-minded folks to support you, keep you on track, and brainstorm with on a regular basis, send an email to We’ll get you connected.

How do we know what you need?

Because we don’t want to guess at what you need most from your professional organization, we’ll be sending you a survey so you can tell us what would help most. When it shows up, please take the time to answer it. If you don’t tell us what you need, we can’t help you get it.

Back around the circle

Which brings me back around to the conference and repurposing. A lot of effort went into preparing another excellent conference for you this year. And just because we made the painful decision not to go to Chicago to be together in one spot for a fun, collegial, and growth-filled weekend doesn’t mean we can’t still participate together in other fun, collegial, and growth-filled venues. We are actively looking at ways to repurpose the work that both the Conference Committee and the speakers put into preparing for the conference. Your responses to the survey will help us do this in the way that serves you best.

So, we live in interesting times. The ACO is prepared to help you make the most of it.

Sarah Wright Image

All my best,
Sarah Wright
President, ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc.