New Members This Month – Welcome!

Airplane Welcome

The ADHD Coaches Organization introduces our new members every month so you can welcome them into our community.  Our members are the stimulus behind everything we do and provide at ACO so that they can make their impact for the ADHD community.  We are an inclusive and diverse group of professionals and we welcome anyone who values ADHD Coaching to join our growing organization.  So if you know someone who is not a member, be sure to speak about us and bring them on!

Please welcome these new members by visiting their website or sending them an email to introduce yourself.  You can find their contact information by logging in and searching for them under the “Membership Directory” tab.

Alec Ferwall
Jill Linkoff
Mimi Nettle
Mitzi Preston
Ruth Silbert
Elu Thompson
Michelle Intrepidi
Eva Ross
Tammy James
Lynn Shumaker


Rajal Dhruva
Membership Committee Chair