The Marketing Committee has been working on a number of initiatives aimed at promoting the ACO brand to members, other professionals, and anyone who might be seeking information about ADHD coaches and coaching. Our committee is working on a campaign to provide education and awareness of the ACO to ADHD-related professionals and professional organizations.  The campaign includes developing a marketing piece that introduces and explains the ACO and to create a database of professionals. This past year our committee provided support for several ongoing ACO projects and brainstormed ideas for additional ACO initiatives. I’d like to thank the past and current members who have provided ideas and support during the past year: Mindy Katz, Lee Rozycki, Pat Hudak, and Ron Burton.

In conclusion, if you have a flair for marketing and you care about ADHD coaching and the ACO, and would like to contribute/get more involved then contact me Jenna Knight, PR & Marketing Committee Chair at


JennaKnightJenna Knight
Pr & Marketing Committee Chair