DollsADHD Coaching is a new and growing field!   Although it is exciting to be part of a growing profession, it can also be somewhat lonely.

When I began my coaching business in 2008, I had colleagues who were Life Coaches or Psychologists but I did not know anyone who was an ADHD Coach.  I knew that I offered a unique approach for helping clients but I yearned to have a sense of belonging where I didn’t have to explain my approach to convince others of my value!

And, so I began this journey of finding ways to connect with others who understood my passion, could relate to the unique challenges of clients with ADHD, and could offer opportunities to learn specific strategies and approaches for this client group.  I found the ACO and knew that this was a community of passionate individuals who would support my professional aspirations.

Membership in the ACO offers this sense of community and support!  The ACO brings together a range of coaches from various backgrounds, experiences and expertise.  We all benefit when the ADHD coaching profession has a credentialing process, ethical standards, educational and professional development opportunities and links to the newest findings in scientific ADHD research.

Whether you are a seasoned coach who wants to take your practice to the next level or whether you are newly trained, the ACO provides a community of ADHD Coaches who can relate, and wants to connect with you!  Membership opens the door to opportunities to collaborate, grow your skills, develop friendships and colleagues, and expand your reach in helping others. We are stronger together!


Janine Wright-GiustiziaJanine Wright – Giustizia
Membership Committee