Membership Benefit: Coach Directory Listing!

Being listed as a Professional ADHD Coach in the ACO Directory is a significant membership benefit, and it just got better!

Totally ADDRecently, the ACO partnered with Totally ADD to connect our ACO Coach Directory to their Coach Directory! This is like getting a Double-Scoop-Ice-Cream Cone when you only ordered the Kiddy-Cone! is an amazing resource for adults with ADHD as well as for coaches. I first met Rick and Ava Green at an ACO Conference in 2012 and their passion for creating awareness about Adult ADHD was infectious! Not to mention, they are big fans of ADHD Coaches! offers a range of videos, webinars, blogs, tools, books, and forums to help make an ADHD diagnosis less scary! They include expert interviews (many of these are ACO members!) and perspectives on various topics such as medication, acceptance, organizing, procrastination, and ADHD Coaching, in a safe and fun way that has undoubtedly contributed to reducing the stigma of Adult ADHD.

This partnership not only increases the visibility of the ACO Coach Directory but it also creates a positive link for ACO Members to tap into the wealth of information and resources available at! It is one of my top go-to resources! Check it out for yourself and make it one of your top-links.


Janine Wright-GiustiziaJanine Wright-Giustizia
Membership Committee