By Rajal Dhruva in Membership Committee
Did you know that there is an ADHD Coaching Technology Facebook page that you are eligible to join?
What is that you ask? Well it’s a private and “secret” Facebook page which can be joined by invite only, which is probably why you may not have heard of it.
ADHD Coaching Technology Facebook page is created and managed by a fellow ACO member Jonathan Salem for ADHD Coaches to share new and upcoming technology recourses that can be beneficial for the ADHD community and the coaching profession. This is a great place to post questions about your inquiry around technology and get feedback from other coaches.
Some of the topics that were shared and talked about recently are:

A newly released app (memo-assist) to help manage you to-do-items by using both images and sounds as reminders.
Pocket Suite for the self employed individuals who need assistance with billing and invoicing clients.
A desktop App for challenged readers of all ages, especially helpful for readers with ADHD and/or dyslexia.
Tile, a Device that help track and locate items to prevent loosing things such as keys, phones, wallet, tennis shoes or whatever.
In order to maintain a non-marketing intention among coaches, this group has been kept closed and secret and can only be accessed through an invitation from Jonathan Salem. Private message him on Facebook, and please include a link to your website or use any other method of confirming you are an ADHD Coach. He is always looking for new active members to join and will be happy to add you to the group. Hope you join TODAY!