INTRODUCING: Evan Kirstein
ACO Membership Chair

Evan Kirstein
Evan was educated and graduated from The Ohio State University, achieving degrees in psychology and education, as well as a teaching credential. He spent 11 years in San Diego, where he developed skills as a special educator and an entrepreneur.

As a graduate from MentorCoach he earned his Associate Coaching Certificate (ACC). Through The Professional Association of ADHD Coaching (PAAC), he acquired his Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner (CACP) designation.

Evan’s passion for leadership, education and ADHD coaching come through his connection to his clients, and public speaking. He is excited and honored to join the ACO Membership Committee as Chairperson. He believes it is important for members of the ACO and its community to have their perspective and professional goals understood and met. His goals include growing ACO  resources, strengthening our community of ADHD Coaches, and developing opportunities for professional development for ACO members. Evan currently lives in New York City.